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by Andy Follin > > I love Sic Bo. I know I shouldnt all the serious gamblers out there tell me Im wasting my time, that its a mugs game. But theres something about the atmosphere on the game the colors, the sounds, the lights that really excites me. For those who dont already know, Sic Bo pronounced See Bo is an ancient Chinese game and one within the socalled Big Four games beloved of Asian and far Eastern players. Every casino has an area make time for for its Asian clientle. These areas are always characterized by their noisy, exciting atmosphere in which huddles of players stake vast amounts of cash seemingly mystifying games with exoticsounding names.

Sic Bo literally means “dice pair”, but is often played with three dice. Players have a variety of betting options on the roll of those dice. The dice are rolled in an eggtimer shaped cage to remove any suspicion of foul play. When the cage stops spinning, the effects are displayed to the players, amidst much noise and confusion! If you prefer to gamble online as i do youll know that Sic Bo is very faithfully represented. The feel is right and it captures the excitement pretty likely. Not all online casinos offer Sic Bo, and there are some differences between software platforms and individual casinos.

Before you play, consult a guide to Online Casino Malaysia Sic Bo, such mainly because the one at Fortune Palace which tells you to be able to look out for and where to find it! Among the Big Four, it falls into the group Fortune games. To be aware of the games, you must see why Asian and Far Eastern gamblers play them. Can typical gambler, they are not necessarily seeking to get rich quick. Instead, they see these games as a way to use themselves against the population. To the Asian and Far Eastern player, luck is considered a moral attribute.