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Valve gland leaks account for up to of all noncompliance reports in refineries and chemical plants. This is even higher when referring to control or high cycle valves that are operated on the more frequent basis desires to give due to the mechanical wear and tear and relaxation of the gland packing material normally PTFE or graphite. Live loading of stem packing by way of of Bellville washers can be applied in order lessen the relaxation and thus increase the lifespan with the packing however leakage is inevitable. Solution Eliminate Valve Leakage Whilst the design of gland packing has continued to evolve the only true way to obtain zero ppm is along with the introduction of an excellence metallic bellows into the valve.

The bellows sealed valve stem design was initially travelling to contain lethal mediums such as chlorine within the valve ensuring zero leakage to the atmosphere and increased safety to employees. However this design also been introduced on applications such as steam where gland leaks can distinct be dangerous simply burning but is very expensive due to the amount of energy lost in such leaks and value to produce the program. Savings From a cost perspective bellows sealed design valves be more expensive than homepage valves with conventional gland packing arrangements but a person first take into account the monetary savings provided from download our pdf Brochure or watch our video Big Tap Valve Consultants can be a response to exactly how much the valve industry has changed in Australasia over items on the market ten or so years.

We have years experience in the neighborhood market and an effective understanding of the issues when it for you to valve supply and after sales active service. Our aim is to partner with you to find the best valve solution for your applications.A gas lift valve quality assurance program has been in place for the Eastern Operating Area EOA of Prudhoe Bay Alaska sine . The program has involved data gathering analysis and direct involvement together with field operator regarding setup of live gas lift valves.

The quality program results have prompted an improvements on gas lift design strategy. Future gas lift designs will incorporate higher pressure drops between unloading valve surface closing to avoid valve disturbance. Gas lift valve vendors have gained important feedback on minor problems that are supplier selected. The design modifications vendor equipment modifications and valve setup changes resulting via quality assurance program have improved the reliability of Prudhoe EOA gas lift designs.